• strong collar is chrome-plated for durability, smooth and rounded prongs to prevent injury.
  • Strong dog collar, 100% quality guarantee. Stylish for dogs' show, cool and durable.
  • Heavy Duty Leash : Rugged and absolutely heavy duty dog leash, no fierce dog can chew through it
  • Comfortable Handle: The dog leash features PU leather weave handle to give you a convenient and painless firm hand grip without burning your hands when you're pulling do
  • Convenient: Long enough metal chain let you and your dog in your backyard or walking down the street has become more relaxed, can better control the dog's behavior
Features:1.Perfect arc, have enough curvature.2.Feel smooth, not clip pet's hair, do not hurt their skin.3.In the correct use of the case, the control collar on the dog has the strongest control. The dog collar can exert best control over the dog in less time with less force.4.Under normal circumstances (such as when dogs are well-behaved), dogs with a controlled collar do not feel any sense of depression and even do not feel wearing a collar.5.The dog chain is the main role of the pet in the shortest time to correct the bad habits.6.A dog who used a chain collar from young, if the method of use is right, when dog grow up, he will quite obedient, especially on the accompanying.7.This chain would tighten quickly to warn dogs that cannot run so fast,thus training for good behavior can be under control.How to use in right way:1: Take the chain aim at the O ring.2: Let the chain to through the O ring.3: Adjustable the length according the dog neck size.4: Put the chain on your arm, and then use the arm of the chain to grab the dog's mouth.5. The other hand take the chain directly from the arm around the neck of the dogAttention: Be careful for dog's eyes when you use, it would hurt their eyes if you use in wrong way.Note:1.If your dog is using a harness, must to use an ordinary collar first and then use the chain collar slowly.68.Wearing the direction of the chain is important, depends on the dog usually go in which side when walking with you.If wearing correct, you can effectively stop the dog, if wearing on the wrong way, it will tighten on the dog's neck!

wupet rope Dog chain puppy dog ​​leash chest strap dog leash cat rope pet supplies B07H13L5N9

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wupet rope Dog chain puppy dog ​​leash chest strap dog leash cat rope pet supplies B07H13L5N9

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