• SUPER BRIGHT and LONG LIFETIME: YOUTHINK UV Flashlight contains 100 bright LEDs, puts out a lot of UV to cover larger area, large area focus without weaken the light. The sturdy light has a bright beam and reaches far, showing fluorescence staining more clearly, checking out stains, dust, lint, carpet, furniture more easily. 100000 hrs lifetime of LEDs. We promise 60 days money back or replacement for no reason, plus 365 days warranty
  • PETS URINE and STAINS DETECTOR: The blacklight flashlight can reveal urine and stains of dogs, cats and other pet on carpets, rugs, floors, furniture, clothes while you couldn't see with naked eyes. Because it works by emitting long wave ultraviolet light to cause the salts in dried urine to shine and glow like neon sign, making them easily visible to the human eye
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM ALLOY and HIGH PERFORMANCE: Made of high quality aluminum alloy, easy to heat dissipation. Anti abrasive surface design, reduce the danger of fall off. Daily waterproof can longer the life of black light. 6AA battery provide long time using. Two ways to using the strap, hand strap is easy to carry. Rope support will reduce the force. Best for home use or outdoor use
  • UV PROTECTIVE SUNGLASSESS: Prolonged and direct exposure to UV light can be harmful on the eyes, so a stylish pair of UV glasses is included to protect your eyes from damage. And the frame is adjustable, according to head size choose the best length, suitable for women and men
  • MULTIPURPOSE DETECTION: Great for other application to scorpions, vegetable caterpillars; Fluorescent Whitening Agent contained in Baby clothes or your cosmetics; Stain of kitchens, bathroom, hotel rooms; Currency Authenticate; leak diagnostics, shine rock specimens, dry UV glue, gel nail fix, light up disc golf, authenticate currency, official identification cards, passports etc
Are you still distressed about looking for the Urine and Stains of your naughty little pet left in your home? Are you still worried about the various insects in the grass and woods when you go out for camping? Are you still tiered of wasting so many time in identifying the authenticity of the documents, looking for the machinery leaks, hospitality industry sanitary checks and etc? Now you have a great chance to easily solve all of the problems above at once, with the help of this UV flashlight black light, you can do your job faster and easier The YOUTHINK 100 LEDs UV Flashlight is well built, inexpensive, and effective. Clearly shows urine stains, invisible food stains on the floor and table exactly. and UV-sensitive markings on currency and official identification cards, including passports. With 100 brighter ultraviolet LED lights, the uv blacklight flashlight shows fluorescence stain more clearly How It Works ? The UV black light cause the salts in dried urine to illuminate like a neon sign on contact, making the stains visible to the human eye! It is perfect for pinpointing and cleaning troublesome areas, rather than pouring time and money into cleaning your entire floor, curtains or furniture Black Light For Pet Urine Detection With the UV light you would be able to easily reveal pet urine and stain that couldn't see with the naked eye. Black light make this visible clearly. Great tool for carpet stain remover UV Flashlight For Scorpion Detector: The blacklight is easy to spot scorpion bed bug, Identify counterfeit money and reveal the hidden ink on passport and other important documents like ID card Blacklight Flashlight For Fluorescent Agent Detector: The UV flashlight is useful for testing the fluorescent powder and other chemical residues, especially those in the baby's clothes

UV Flashlight Pet Stain Urine Detector Bright 100 LEDs Blacklight Torch with UV Sunglasses for Dog Cat Urine Scorpions Baby Clothes Kitchens Bathroom Authenticate Currency Dangerous Leaks B077XVVKFG

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UV Flashlight Pet Stain Urine Detector Bright 100 LEDs Blacklight Torch with UV Sunglasses for Dog Cat Urine Scorpions Baby Clothes Kitchens Bathroom Authenticate Currency Dangerous Leaks B077XVVKFG

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