• Halti Optifit Headcollar Small B01IVL91YK
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There are 3 sizes Small, Medium and Large.The Halti OptiFit is very adjustable. The neck strap and camlock on the strap mean that a Labrador, for example, can match both a medium and a large size and a medium sized terrier could to suit both a small and medium. OptiFit time should be taken into habituant a dog at the Halti, so that it has a positive association with him. First put the flat noseband in your hand and nourishing treats for dogs, in such a way that it is pleased to put his nose all over it. When he get used to it, you can secure the neck, so it's comfortable, but not too tight. To ensure that it does not pull the nose back on his nose, slide the Camlock towards his chin and keyhole. However, it is important that the Camlock is not so high that it limits its ability to panting, eating or open its first use of the mouth.OptiFit when Halti to assure you at any time to praise and reward your dog and pet foods, treats, to help the good time and make sure that it is an enriching experience. Never leave the OptiFit Halti on a dog unattended.

Halti Optifit Headcollar Small B01IVL91YK

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Halti Optifit Headcollar Small B01IVL91YK

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