• Strong nail / claw clipper suitable for small & medium dogs and other animals.
  • Non slip rubberised grip.
  • Stainless steel sharp cutting edge.
  • File included for smoothing sharp edges or for fine, short nails that don't require clipping.
Product Description This sturdy nail clipper easily cuts through the excess nail without and is suitable for most size nails / claws. It is essential for the operator to locate and avoid cutting the nail quick and this nail clipper incorporates an adjustable guard to limit the amount of claw that may be clipped, thus helping to prevent painful accidents. The nail file may be used to shape the claw and remove any loose or jagged, sharp edges. Regular use of the file may reduce the need to clip the nails. Soft-touch grip handle and ergonomic design make these products comfortable, effective and easy to use.ABOUT WAHLOver many years Wahl have developed a comprehensive range of pet care products. These products are designed to meet the needs of pet owners who wish to care for and groom their animals at home. Every item in our range has been tried and t Box Contains 1 x Nail clipper;1 x Nail file

WAHL Pet Grooming Nail Clipper and File Set B00J220JSA

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WAHL Pet Grooming Nail Clipper and File Set B00J220JSA

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