• Made of natural components
  • Special helix shape to improve dog's dental hygiene
  • Does not alter your dog's diet
  • Highly attractive thanks to the flavour
  • Non toxic and biodegradable. no expiry date
Product Description Ferplast Goodbite Natural Beef Helix Dog Chewing ToyFerplast Goodbite Natural Helix chewing toys for dogs are useful instruments to keep care of your dog's dental hygiene without being a complementary food for animals. Natural components based, they are biodegradable and absolutely safe. They have been developed with the support of some very important universities and research centres. The range Goodbite Natural Helix includes chewing toys wih different tastes featuring a special helix shape. According to your dog's preferences, you can choose among a variety of different tastes: cereal, beef, ham, lamb, salmon or chicken. Goodbite Natural Helix dog toys are available in two different sizes, Small and Medium, suitable for all dogs.A useful instrument for your dog's dental hygiene.Goodbite Natural Helix helps to keep your dog's teeth clean Through the chewing mechanical action, it helps to control the plaque thus preventing it can trasform into tartar. Moreover, thanks to its original helix shape, it stimulates your friend's need to chew and results very attractive thanks to its flavour. It has been demonstrated that the constant use of Goodbite Natural Helix dog chewing toys is useful to strenghten your dog's mouth. Besides, they also are useful as pastimes for your dog as it is an anti-boredom instruments and works as an efficient stress-free toy.An innovative shape designed to improve dog's dental care.Goodbite Natural Helix feature a very original and innovative shape which has been especially designed by Ferplast engineers to ensure a perfect anti-plaque chewing action. Their special irregular surface stimulates your friends to chew thus keeping teeth well cleaned and helping to avoid tartar from forming.Absolutely safe and not toxic.Goodbite Natural Helix chewing toys are biodegradable, extremely safe and not toxic for the animal. Thanks to the special natural components used and to their innovative processing, these chewing toys do not generate fungus, microbes or mildew. This is an eco-friendly product which respects the environment and has no expiry date.Product features Natural components based chewing toy for dogs.Eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic.Very attractive for the animal since lamb flavoured.Innovative helix shape designed to help dog's dental hygiene.Different sizes available suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.Useful pastime for your animals. They stimulate your dog's interest and strenghten his teeth.Not harmful, safe if ingested, developing no fungus or microbes.Protective packed to seal its flavour. Box Contains 1 x Dog chewing toys 2 pieces

Ferplast Goodbite Natural Beef Helix Dog Chewing Toy Medium 19 x 19 x 125 cm B00CI4PX5S

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Ferplast Goodbite Natural Beef Helix Dog Chewing Toy Medium 19 x 19 x 125 cm B00CI4PX5S

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