• 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rocks are a hassle-free solution to urine burn marks on your lawn and shrubs.
  • SAFE FOR ALL HOUSEHOLD PETS: All household pets can drink the water the rocks are placed in as you are not medicating your dog in anyway and they DO NOT change the pH balance of the water or urine.
  • ENDORSED BY VETS AND PET OWNERS WORLDWIDE: With over 1 million dog owners now using Dog Rocks worldwide, they have proven to be an effective way of preventing urine burn patches on their grass.
  • EASY TO USE AND CONVENIENT: Simply place 100g of the Dog Rocks in your dog's water bowl for every 1 litre of water and replace every 2 months. A date reminder sticker is included in the pack so you can make sure to replace them on time.
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS FOR YOUR DOG: As the Dog Rocks simply filter out the impurities of the water, there are no side effects for your dog.
This 100% natural and safe Australian product can help save your lawn from burn patches caused by dogs when they urinate on your grass. They filter out impurities in water such as tin, ammonia and nitrates, without changing the pH level of your dog's urine. The rocks make the water source cleaner for your pet and eliminate grass burn, they will actually help your pet to fertilise your lawn.

Dog Rocks Bulk Bags 600g B003YC67FI

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Dog Rocks Bulk Bags 600g B003YC67FI

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