• plastic
  • for an eventful fitness programme
  • fully adjustable height
  • bar can also be placed loosely in supports to minimize the risk of injury
  • set consists of 2 posts, 1 pole and 2 supports
115cm Length x Diameter 3.3 cm Posts Length of Jump Bar is 129cm Pack contains 2 posts, 1 bar and 2 carriers This Agility Hurdle prepares your dog a varied finess programme. The excercises keep the dog fit and give a long an healthy life. Details: prepare your dog a varied fitness programme exercises keep the dog fit and give a long and healthy life playing with the dog intensifies the relation and helps to build up confidence in the master General tips: Before starting with the training your dog should always be warmed up. Never let your dog practise on a full stomach and do not feed your dog right after the training. Do not expect too much of your dog and challenge him slowly. Make this sport fitting to your dog. Let your dog rest during the training units, so that he will keep his joy for this activity. Make sure that fresh water will always be available to your dog and let him have a short breather right after drinking. Please note, that the dog s training should always finish with a positive experience. Puppies and young dogs should only be trained after consulting the veterinary in order to avoid potential injuries. Important: Pet your dog and give him a reward during the training - this motivates and supports the trust Assembling instructions: Before building the hurdle define a flat area, so that your dog will jump straightly. Shift the carriers with unfixed screws over the bars. Put up the bars uprightly with an interior distance of approx. 120 cm, so that the hurdle can be applied loosely. Tighten the screws until the carriers do not slip anymore. The training can start: Start the training with a low level adjustment. It helps to prevent your dog from creeping

Dog Agility Hurdle B008NHYNUU

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Dog Agility Hurdle B008NHYNUU

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