Cleansing Ways to Attain Healthy Skin and a Radiant Face

A primordial need for any human being from the start of the civilization has always been to look at their best at all times. At earlier times, the atmospheric and the global conditions such as the air quality and natural resources helped in keeping fresh, maintaining a healthy skin and so on through the use of herbs and potions made from natural resources, which could keep the skin taut and fresh. These days, due to pollution, dust, unhealthy lifestyles, stress, diet and many other such factors, maintaining a healthy skin and a radiant face has become more than a matter of just washing the face regularly. Often, people find a grimy layer on their facial skin simply after walking around for a couple of minutes in any major metropolis today. Although it is possible to adhere to the conventional tradition, using the best and the most beneficial natural products for the skin, the time, effort and cost this process takes is gargantuan and therefore unfeasible in most cases.

The study of the skin and the various different kinds of skin textures has reached a very important global stage. Thanks to the progress in bio-chemistry and other such fields, there are various scientific aspects that can be taken into consideration while deciding on the best face wash. This might seem trivial to the uninterested but its long term effects on general health and appearance of the skin make it very important for literally anybody on the planet today. As such, cosmetics and personal care product companies manufacture different types of face wash for different skin textures to deliver optimum results. The differences are generally in their constituent materials and the entailing chemical processes. There are primarily 5 different skin types. These are:

Dry Skin: Skin that has a tendency to dry up faster than others due to a number of reasons like loss of hydration to the skin. This type of skin is not very oily and breakouts of acne and pimples are very rare. A good face wash capable of hydrating the skin, delivering more oxygen is the best option.

Oily Skin: Most susceptible to breakouts and very sensitive to dust and pollution, this skin type is very oily and you could feel the oiliness when you swipe your finger on the face. A face wash which can offset oil formation and provide T-Zone control is essential for those with oily skin.

Combination Skin: Skin which is normal around most parts of the face but has excessive oil formation in the T-Zone. This kind of skin requires a face wash that can clean and effectively moisturize to some extent with oil formation control.

Sensitive Skin: Skin that is sensitive to chemicals and susceptible to rashes and outbreaks at the slightest hint of dust, friction and so on. A sensitive and mild face wash with good natural cleaning powers is the best for this skin type.

Normal Skin: Skin that is neither too dry and nor too oily having an overall balance. A somewhat strong cleaning face wash capable of cleansing the dust is a must for this skin type.


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