• Bumas muzzle for Rhodesian Ridgeback: muzzle a responsibility to Vet visit, gift bait prevention, the unwanted food intake, Hetz or hunt to holiday, there are many reasons for a muzzle. Well and the suitable size learnt, wearing the dog to Bumas as the human glasses on the nose. With the bright colour combinations of the Bumas jaw baskets keeps your dog to its friendly image.
  • The highest quality: The Best Possible fit around the physique of this breed and the numerous settings will cause schneller Widespread adoption. No sharp edges, no Wundlecken and not dry out or cockroach thanks to its innovative material choice. Will leave a Bumas behind in large cold flexible, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is tear, rip and waterproof. With simple click cover is the muzzle quickly put on, and the sleek material saves space in the bag.
  • BioThane: a special muzzle needs special material: BioThane. Bumas Maul baskets are made from 100% BioThane strap and and rustproof rivets. The antibacterial BioThane is also very easy, flexible, Abrasionsfest and temperature-resistant. The soft and lightweight texture of the material provides a new comfort for your dog. The material makes room for playing games and frolic and thus reducing the risk of injury. BioThane is hygienic and easy to Forum
  • Custom made by hand: developed in collaboration with animal Psychologen and dog trainers have been this friendly and colourful Bumas mouth baskets. Thanks to its ergonomic fit and to manufacture to measure giving any dog enough room to breathe, dog to pant and drink. Bumas are manufactured in a manufacturer in Austria. These exclusive, handmade baskets are characterised by individuality of the mouth and comfort.
  • Animal protection certified: Bumas - a original. is the first Tierschutzkonform Zertifzierte muzzle, it gets it's name from the independent compartment place to Tiergerechte posture and animal preservation, Vetmed Uni Vienna, positive by. Bumas is now the only muzzle manufacturer, the such a certificate by wurde.
BUMAS - bespoke muzzle for your Rhodesian Ridgeback Size: circumference 34cm / length 11cm The Austrian muzzle manufactory tailors hand-made, bespoke, custom-fit and easy-care muzzles for dogs from BioThane® - an original BUMAS® animal protection accessory is certified.The BUMAS is designed to protect the dog and to enable a conflict-free coexistence in the park, the district, in public transport, in the city, at the veterinarian or while playing. A BUMAS muzzle does hardly limit the dog's abilities while panting or drinking. A dog wears a BUMAS like a human wears glasses.BUMAS - das Original is available in 13 standardised sizes and 5 colour combinations.More than 9,000 BUMAS muzzles have been produced since the foundation. They are adjusted to the dog's head shape and body with know-how and craftsmanship. Resulting from this experience, we also offer special muzzles for specific breeds, in addition to standardised sizes.The times of black, brown, or beige standard muzzles or even mouth straps have passed with which your dog cannot pant or drink properly. With the innovative features of Biothane® such as durability, abrasion resistance, low weight, and UV resistance comes a new era of colours.A BUMAS is freedom for your dog. It makes the dog look great, cultivated and responsible in leisure times and during adventures! Measure the circumference and the length of your dog's snout. Add another 2-4 cm in circumference and 0.5-1 cm in length, depending on the size. This enables your dog to pant comfortably. Compare your measuring results with the reference sizes of the corresponding size. Your dog needs a different size? Contact us! We want you to receive exactly the BUMAS your DOG needs.

BUMAS Muzzle Rhodesian Ridgeback Pet Protective Certified Hand Made from the Finest Biothane Red/Brown B01H2OOQWY

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BUMAS Muzzle Rhodesian Ridgeback Pet Protective Certified Hand Made from the Finest Biothane Red/Brown B01H2OOQWY

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