• The dog training - dog trainers all over the world have made it possible with the use of the right tools in the field of dog training incredible tricks, the use of dog whistles gives you an indispensable tool when it comes to successful dog dressage.
  • The constant tone - a consistent tone frequency is one of the strengths of this extraordinary whistle, as they provide a whistle that is independent of the feeling of the person to be used and thus transmits the same signal to the dog and it is so easy to understand.
  • ✔ Conditioning - Thanks to the different types of whistle you can set clear signals for dog training; the short double whistle could serve as a dog call, which is particularly useful if your dog can no longer hear your voice. A long whistle, on the other hand, could be trained as a clear stop signal.
  • ✔ The whistle band - dog training accessories should in our opinion always be easy to use, so the accompanying whistle strap allows you to wear around your neck, as well as easily wrap your wrist. You always have the training device close to you.
  • The ideal gift idea - for animal lovers or dog lovers, this dog training accessory is perfect for you. Did a friend or family member get a puppy? This puppy training whistle will give you a direct opportunity to get the right dressage. For perfect communication with your four-legged friend
Aribari Dog Whistle with Lanyard Aribari dog whistle in combination with a whistle band, made of high-quality plastic. Created for professional dog training to signal particularly preventive clear commands for your faithful companion. With the help of the whistle, they use the classic conditioning, to teach man's best friend, even the coolest art pieces. Protect your voice and discover the fabulous benefits that a dog whistle can offer when used correctly. Learn the exciting signals you can send with the dog whistle and enjoy the success results. With a dog training you can provide your dog with stability and safety, we have commissioned to provide you with the right accessories for this important mission. Box contents: 1 x dog whistle with neck strap.

Aribari Professional Dog Training Whistle with Loud Whistle B07H3CTF7P

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Aribari Professional Dog Training Whistle with Loud Whistle B07H3CTF7P

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