• Clear signal:With this dog whistle your dog will receive clear signals and commands.Even loud noises (e.g.motorway, construction site) drowns the whistle.Clear communication between you and your dog is much easier.
  • Same pitch:This whistle's standard frequency means that no matter who uses it (e.g.partner, child) the same note is heard.It also is not affected by your emotional state.-
  • Stylish colours:The Acme whistle is available in a range of beautiful colours.There will be a colour to match any occasion or outfit.Also, each member of the family can have their own whistle and each whistle will sound exactly the same.
  • Training.You can use the whistle whether you want to train your dog for hunting or to come back to you when out walking.It is best to use the same frequency once your furry friend has become accustomed to one.An advantage with this Acme whistle is that after years of use, it can be replaced with a whistle with the same frequency.
  • Keyring:The whistle can be easily hooked by means of the metal ring to the key or on a separate gun tape.So you always have the essential utensil on all dog walks.The risk of losing is also minimised.
Easy blowing, High tone dog whistle with solid tone and single frequency.

Acme 2115 Coral Pink Ultra High Plastic Dog Whistle Pink B01HEKSOJ2

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Acme 2115 Coral Pink Ultra High Plastic Dog Whistle Pink B01HEKSOJ2

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