Tiki Island Slot

If you are looking for slot games which do not offer the usual set of free spins, then please do make sure that you read through this review of the Tiki Island slot! For unlike the hundreds of other slot games from Microgaming which offer such a bonus game this one offers a multi stage pick and win bonus feature around which you may enjoy triggering and then playing off!

It does however come with an affluent type of theme and when playing it you will find several character symbols in play on all five of its reels. Those character symbols are all billionaires and it is of course their wealth you will be looking to be awarded with when playing off that bonus game!

What makes this slot game a highly playable one is that you will find its base game jackpot is one of the largest valued ones found on any non progressive video slot, so with a little bit of luck in playing it you could win some very significant amounts of cash from its base game, whilst still being able to win big when you finally trigger its pick to win styled bonus round.

Double or Nothing – The Cashville slot is one of several different Microgaming powered slot games which offer you the ability of trying to double the winning payout of any winning combination that has been spun in. To take that gamble game click on the gamble button and then you will simply need to correctly predict if a playing card soon to be dealt out to you will be red or black in colour. You can also guess the suit to quadruple the winning payout of your spun in combinations too!

Gold Wild Symbol – You can form additional winning payouts if you manage to line up one or more wild symbols alongside any of the standard non character and non scatter or bonus symbols when playing the Cashville slot game. The Gold Wild symbols are this slot games standard wild symbols so do look out for them spinning in as they can often help form lots of extra winning payouts when you are playing off a single spin on this slot game!

Jackpot Payout – The Cashville slot game has a 50000 coin jackpot on offer which can be won via the base game. Five Gold Wild symbols spinning in on an activated payline will award you with that 50000 coin jackpot. Be aware that each additional coin that you wager on the paylines will increase the jackpot on offer on this Cashville slot by another 50000 coins!

Pick and Win Bonus Game – There are some very large Bonus symbols which can make an appearance on any reel positions when you are playing off a base game spin on the Cashville slot and the aim of those symbols is that they will award you with a special picking based bonus game when at least three of them have been spun into view.

As soon as you have spun in three of the Bonus symbols you then have to select one of the four billionaire character symbols and then have to pick off one of their specially selected items from the bonus game screen, and by doing so a cash award will then be awarded to you. That bonus payout can be as large as 45,000 coins so it is a bonus game you will want to trigger time and time again!

Payout Percentage – If you want to know just how high paying this slot game can be then keep in mind its RTP is 95.99%!

The 5 biggest online slot wins ever

The advantage of playing slots is that it does not require specialized knowledge so anyone can win. People who win the jackpots at slots are average individuals who got lucky. Here are five of the biggest online slot winners ever.

New Jersey Woman Wins $1.3 Million

Cathy Ruela was playing Millionaire Genie when she won $1.3 million. At first, she said she didn’t know if she had won $1,000 or $1 million because it seemed so surreal. Ruela is a 31-year-old Morris Plains resident who signed up because of a 20 free spins and 50-cent offer.

Finnish Player Wins $5.5 Million

Klaus E, a Finnish player, won $5.5 million in 2008. Mega Moolah has paid out more than $16 million in progressive jackpots, but few soared to the heights of Klaus E’s win. He is proof that playing the progressive slots online can become a life changing experience. What is interesting about this story? Klaus placed a 50 cent bet shortly before winning. Once he won, he and his fiance, boarded a flight and headed to Sydney, Australia, where he met with the Casino Rewards representatives and picked up his multi-million dollar check. Klaus E sits as one of the biggest online jackpot winners in history.

Gabriel L Wins $5.6 Million

One of the largest mobile phone gambling jackpot wins in history was attributed to Gabriel L from Germany. He was playing Mega Moolah when he could not believe his eyes, especially since he was playing on a mobile device. The Spin Palace player won the progressive jackpot of $5,595,510 with Mega Moolah powered by Microgaming. The win was paid to Gabriel in a large sum so that he could enjoy his winnings immediately.

Mega Moolah Makes Another Millionaire: Georgios M Wins $8.62 million

Georgios M is a Microgaming slot machines winner. The company has made turned more than a dozen people into millionaires, but none were as big as Georgios M’s jackpot. On May 12th, 2009, the Greek player played the Mega Moolah slot machine and won a healthy sum of $8.62 million. Georgios was playing at the River Belle Casino when he won the life changing amount of money.

Anonymous Finnish Player Wins $22,974,400

An anonymous player from Finland was playing Twin Spin, a progressive slot operated by Net Entertainment, at Paf.com when he struck it big on January 20th, 2013. The 47-year-old anonymous Finnish male placed an amazing bet of just €0.25 ($0.38) to pull in the record-breaking jackpot prize.

Winning jackpots online happens all the time. However, these were some of the record-breaking winners of online history. If you want to win the multi-million dollar jackpots, your best bet would be to play the progressive slots because they grow increasingly larger as people continue playing. Examining the winners of the biggest online slot wins, you find that the winners were those who played progressive slots. You can win big sums of cash with only a small investment.

How to Gamesys Slots

Secrets of the Phoenix, powered by Gamesys, transports players to a mystical floating island where the right relics could send them home with riches. This online slot machine game incorporates different themes from South American tribal art within the symbols that appear on the reels. The background of the slot appears to be an ancient temple that features fiery phoenixes as players spin the reel. This online casino game offers a wide range of features and benefits that set it apart from other online slots. From the dark underworld theme that the game takes on during the free spin round, to cascades awarding players free spins, there’s no telling what you may experience or how much you may win while playing Secrets of the Phoenix. Before jumping right in, knowing how to play and what to expect may give you a bit of an edge for increased winning potential.

Getting Started

To start playing Secrets of the Phoenix, you will first need to place your bet. This can be done by using the helpful buttons at the bottom of the slot machine screen. There are 25 pay lines that are spread out over 5 reels. When placing your bet, you may choose to bet anywhere from a minimum of $0.01 per pay line with a total of a $0.25 bet, to as much as $4.00 per pay line for a maximum of a $100 bet. After clicking on your bet amount, the reel will begin to spin, landing on a combination of different relics that are dropped into place. If a player lands on a matching combination, they will “explode” from the slot screen, accompanied by a sounding harp audio burst. A section of the cascade level system will light up on the right side of the screen. The more successive cascades a player lands on, the better. Successive cascades may activate the special free spin mode in the game. After each spin, the cascade leveling system resets itself, giving you another chance at winning big.Free Spins Bonus Mode
While there are no scatter symbols in Secrets of the Phoenix that activate a bonus round like you may experience in most other online slots, successive cascades will instead lead to free spins. If a player hits four successive cascades on one spin of the reel, they will be taken into the underworld, where the reel transforms into a dark color and they are gifted seven free spins in this area. The more cascades you hit on a single spin, the more free spins you will win for the chance to take home a large amount of winnings. Players have the chance to activate up to 25 free spins at one time in Secrets of the Phoenix.

While playing your free spins in the free spin round, the cascade feature is still in play. This means that you have the chance to re-trigger the free spin bonus while you’re already spinning for free! However, four successive cascades while in this mode will only trigger 2 additional free spins rather than 7. Enjoy your free spins by playing each one individually or simply click the auto spin button to play all of your free spins at once for a faster paced slot game.

Cashing Out
When you’re ready to cash out, simply click on the button to collect your winnings. These winnings will be deposited directly into your casino account for your convenience. Use your winnings to continue playing Secrets of the Phoenix, try out some new games, or simply deposit it right into your bank account.  We found this site that helps you win more cash when playing Tiki Island and Secrets of the Phoenix.

Secrets of the Phoenix is truly a high-quality, fast-paced online slot game that requires very little skill and a whole lot of luck. In addition, there is one other bonus that sets Secrets of the Phoenix apart from the rest. A special pick a win grid game is associated with this slot that is completely free to play. Take advantage of five free picks with great prizes available including free spins, real cash prizes, bonuses for daily players and more. This simply gives players an extra incentive to keep playing this quality slot game available from Virgin Casino.

The Weight Loss story: Your Weight Loss Guide

Credits to the spread of worldwide fast food chains, unhealthy and extremely stressful lifestyles and a variety of other reasons including genes and dietary history that obesity and excessive fat accumulation has become one of the most predominant and common killers in the world. Given the adverse effects on the heart, liver, kidney and a variety of other pivotal body parts, obesity has become unexplainably powerful and extremely deadly. Although obesity has existed for a long time, the adverse effects of such a deadly scale have only recently started rearing their ugly head creating concern among the people. As such, people are constantly at battle with their bodies to reduce and eliminate obesity cutting off excess weight through a variety of different methods and procedures.

Scientifically speaking, the best and the healthiest practice that people can follow nowadays is to try and lead a healthy, well balanced diet with regular and strict considerations to meal times, intake the best quality and right quantity of food. Most importantly, taking care of the growth and acceleration of the metabolism in the body by maintaining a good and pertinent exercise regime is very imperative. Leading such a lifestyle however sounds fictional and far from reality. A working executive who is constantly on the move and is required to wine and dine in various conditions can hardly be expected to tell his/her clients or bosses to change schedules to fit into his/her own schedule for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As such, one of the best and oldest tools in the fight against weight loss is following a proper weight loss diet. A diet is a combination of a variety of foods and exercise regimes which are to be followed in a precise pattern in order to bring the fat content and intake in check, promoting the growth and intake of nutrients as well as anti-oxidants. The best weight loss diet is a very generic term that is subject to a variety of considerations which include personal metabolism, needs, habits, dietary constraints and so on. There are literally hundreds of diets to choose from today and each of them has been put together on the basis of scientific principles and the propulsion of the scientific benefits deriving from a specific natural food or group of foods.

People must take into consideration the advice of their nutritionists and medical care providers, which is by far the most important thing to do. These dieticians and doctors are trained in weight loss methods and hence can guide you through the best weight loss procedures to cut off excess fats and thereby, deliver a perfect, toned body. The results upon following these diet programs however, vary with each person and therefore their success and failure rates cannot be judged. On the whole, the best weight loss diet is one which reduces the intake of fat along with the acceleration of fat burning enzymes and anti-oxidants, followed up by a good exercise regime. Remember, a healthy diet and a regular exercise schedule is what makes you live a perfect lifestyle.